Building your Email Newsletter Audience

In this post we are going to first discuss ways that you personally can build your email list to reach more and more people.  After talking about the how, we are also going to include images that you may download and share on your social media pages,  and email to entice new readers.

The best way to grow an email list is to do so slowly and organically, so that the people on your list are really engaged and are the top notch followers of your business or organization. We are going to walk you through getting started. We are also going to try and make it as easy as possible to leverage social media to share awesome and relevant content that will help you grow your list.

Questions covered in this article

  • What are the Ways I can grow my list?
  • What about my existing Database?
  • Where can people sign up for my newsletter?
  • Where can people see my past newsletters (archive)?
  • How do I include a button in my email signature?
  • How do I engage with my social media connections?
  • How do I invite my email connections (outside of this newsletter)?
  • How did my December newsletter perform?

What are the ways I can grow my list?

Your MailChimp list already has an associated signup form. Place yours on your website, or share on social media. Find a link to your signup forms by following these steps

  • Link to your signup form from every page of your website (you might add a link to your footer, or side navigation).
  • Ask everyone in your company to put a link to the email signup form in your email signature.
  • Add your signup form link to your invoices.
  • Offer free giveaways to one lucky subscriber.
  • Promote your newsletter on social media by sharing specific articles or your archive along with your subscription link.
  • Post free whitepapers or helpful articles on your site, which contain “ads” for your email newsletter.
  • Send out personal, one-to-one emails to all your clients, and ask them to please sign up to your newsletter.
  • In your “Contact Us” form on your website, add a checkbox to “sign up for our newsletter”.
  • Add an “opt-in for our newsletter” checkbox in your ecommerce checkout page.

What about my existing Database?

  • Even though someone is a current or past customer of yours, they may not want to receive promotional emails from you.
  • If you have a list of customer email addresses and you want to start sending them email marketing, but you don’t have their permission yet, you need to ask for it.
  • Send a “Re-Introduction Email” from your regular email address.  Put together a personal note like you would write to a friend. Include the link to your signup form in the emails. This signup process is simple and effective.

Where can people sign up for my newsletter?

How to include a button in my email signature?

While the process for editing your email signature differs on Windows and Macintosh,  it is actually very easy.


You can save this button to use in your email signature.