Stanberry Outbound

Content Comes First

Our first, second and third goal in making an outbound newsletter is to provide useful articles and offers to current and prospective home owners. We think the only way that a newsletter will be successful in boosting our sales is if it is impactful and relevant to the recipients. In order to keep the highest quality standards, we’ve appointed Sharon Rosshirt as chief editor for the project. She’ll be deciding what the most useful information we can¬†get out is, and we’ll be partnering with staff, agents, trusted vendors to produce the most detailed and accurate reporting we can.

Technically Advanced Design and Layout

In order to make sure that the quality of our product results in an increased return on investment, we’ve done some in depth study of email marketing to determine some best practices to employ. First off the emails that we will be sending out will be formatted and distributed through a premium account on a dedicated email marketing program. We’re going to have amazing tracking and analytics provided by that service. Having data like that available will allow us to make sure that every newsletter is better than the last and that we continue to leverage successful strategies.

Further, we’ve determined lots of things about formatting the newsletter that we think will allow it to perform far above the industry standard. First, we’ll be using a compressed layout that links to articles hosted on instead of a long form email. This will allow recipients to quickly glance over the entire newsletter and quickly access any article that catches their eye. Then we’ll leverage our tools on to add a call to action and a time sensitive offer to the end of each article. Every article will lead into a contact capture setup to make sure if the recipient wants to get in touch it is as easy as possible.

Specific To Your Market Area

We know that all real estate is local, and we want to make sure that you aren’t losing interest through lack of specificity. Each month we’ll have an article specific to the office that you work in.¬†Bastrop, Cedar Park, Dripping Springs and Austin will each have their own local information to keep their newsletter local and grounded.

Ease of Use

We know the harder it is for you to send out your marketing, the less likely you are to do it. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to consistently send out excellent content to your clients. After your first month sending out our newsletter, sending the newsletter will be handled entirely by the marketing department. All you’ll have to do is request that we send it.

Huge Value, Low Price

The value of a well maintained database of clients and referrers is inestimable. What would you pay for an easy background process that effortlessly reaches out to your contacts and reminds them you can help buy, sell, relocate or invest? Similar products from outside vendors often cost anywhere from $50 to $150 dollars a month. We’re so sure our offering will become an integral part of your marketing system that we’re initially offering it for only $25 dollars a month.