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Preferred Domain Name

Domains will be setup in the form of (preferreddomainname)

What is it?
A subdomain is like a mini-version of the full website.  In your case, it’ll be a version of our website that is specifically branded to you while still being fully integrated with the CRM platform.

Here is an example from the REW tutorial site.  As you can see the agent’s photo and phone number are on each page.  

Functionally, this is great for you because any leads generated on your subdomain will be automatically assigned to you in the CRM platform.  This gives you a great looking website with full property search at a very low price.

Who are they for?
Anyone that want’s to have a personal website to send their clients too. Whether you already have a portfolio site that is lacking robust property search capabilities or you don’t have anything currently this can help.

What does the web address look like?
You can use any domain that you may already own OR we can create a subdomain that will be

Stanberry subdomains can be set up for $10 per month.

In case you missed it, here is the link to the example again.